Management Plans & Inventories

We offer a variety of specialized reports, from your standard Arborist Reports for permitting to Cost Appraisals and Hazardous Evaluations. In addition, on properties with many trees we will inventory all the trees and design a three year plan of action with proposed budgets.

Arborist Reports

There are many uses for arborist reports. They are often required for all new construction or additions that will be conducted around existing trees. They are a thorough evaluation of your trees that plans can be built off of.

Cost Appraisals

If you were to find out that your neighbor had removed your tree while you were at work and are unable to come to terms for what is appropriate in compensation, we can find a value of that tree using one of the several different methods approved by our industry.

Hazard Evaluation

There are three things we look for when evaluating the potential hazard of a tree. The size of a part that might fail, the potential for its failure, and the target it would fail on. There are many criteria that go into the evaluation which results in a number value from 3-12.


An inventory is one of the most valuable tools you can have when budgeting and planning maintenance. It will let you know how much each species is costing you and what trees you are saving money from and getting the same benefits. We can map and catalogue every one of your trees and create a management plan tailored to each specific tree for pruning, insect and disease control, cultural habits such as watering, mulching and fertilization. You can gain control of your property and with the given foresight you can think and plan long term with confidence.