Plant Health Care

Do your trees drip?

The most common commercial misunderstanding is believing that trees drip sap on their own, they don’t. It is the result of a sucking or crewing insect that can easily be prevented or controlled by an applied systemic insecticide. With aphid being the most common culprit, if left untreated, they can drip copious amounts of honeydew all over cars and walkways, leaving a sticky mess. Another common nescience is unwanted fruit drop on patios and walkways. This can also be controlled with a well timed application to reduce this mess.

If yours trees are showing signs of decline or look unhealthy

Have Fallen Leaf Tree Management take a look at your trees at the first sign of a problem. We are very proud of the environmentally friendly and effective system we have created to protect and cure your trees of insect and disease. If you are experiencing signs of stress or evidence of insect or disease in your trees or shrubs we will first diagnose the problem, either visually or through soil or tissue samples and then provide you with a menu of options on how best to proceed. We work with long term approaches with the idea that healthy soils make healthy trees and that healthy trees are less susceptible and have more natural resources to remain healthy. Diagnosis, monitoring, timing and application are what set us apart.

  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Soil analysis and amendments
  • Pest and disease control
  • Nuisance fruit abatements
  • Drought and water management services