Planting & Establishment

At Fallen Leaf Tree Service, Inc., we are dedicated to planting the right tree in the right place. This means careful selection to insure that the trees we plant are of good stock, an appropriate species for the place to be installed and that the installation is done with care to insure ongoing vitality. Most trees that are planted improperly last an average of 7 years before they fail, 7 years of watering, staking and fertilizing and then it fails and you have to start over. Our certified arborist will insure your tree/shrub has a good start and guaranteed survival.

We use a program which has over 7,000 trees with color pictures and information about fruiting, fall color and a lot more. So you can look at what it is we are suggesting without having to make a trip to the nursery. Once we have selected a tree that is appropriate for the site and of your liking. We will have certified personnel install it, ensuring that the root system is started in the right direction and won’t cause problems such as circling or girdling roots.

Nursery trees come in all sizes to fit landscape needs and budgets. The most popular size to install is a 15 gallon, which comes in a black plastic container and depending on species is around 3-8′ in height. These trees can be installed for not much more than you would normally pay for the tree alone at a good nursery, including stakes as needed.

If you are looking for a larger tree to begin with we can install “box” trees which come in a range of sizes from 24” to 72” wooden boxes. Whether we carry in a 15 gallon or crane in a 72″ box, no job is too small or too big to insure your ongoing happiness and enjoyment of your new tree.