Beating the 7-year Mark: Superior Tree Planting

 Tree Planting Pros in Sacramento

Trees are well represented in our culture and our world. A tree represents life, especially because many trees require time to be grown over many many years. It also serves as a symbol of connectivity in the form of our family trees. Each tree contains within it its own unique ecosystem, a home, a hub for animals, bugs, and other creatures. A tree can be a useful landmark, or a home for a tire swing, a hammock, or even a lookout point. A lot of care and planning goes into successfully growing a tree from its humble roots to its full-blown existence, a process which we at Fallen Leaf Tree Management are very familiar.


Excellent Tree Planting Services

Most trees that are improperly planted last an average of 7 years before they truly fail. That is 7 years of watering, staking, and fertilizing, all for naught. At Fallen Leaf Tree Management we are dedicated to putting the right tree in the right place. So come, use our 7,000 tree program and find an appropriate tree for your space with us, Fallen Leaf Tree Management.

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