Channeling your Inner Arborist

The ever-integral tree

Like any arbitrary cog in a machine, the tree is vital to the systematic function of our Earth. Even the ordinary oak, often seen in front lawns and business yards, has a key place in the grand scheme of things. Because of this, it’s important that everyday people find ways to foster the health of their trees. You may not be a tree expert, but much of what you do matters to these great, green giants and must be considered with a fin-tooth comb.

Why tree service and protection matters

Life, either directly or indirectly, relies on the tree. For one, they are monumental sources of oxygen. As they contribute to the air we breathe they also cleanse it by absorbing pollutants. Secondly, trees also help moderate climate and hinder global warming, a hot topic in today’s world. On a more local scale, trees wonderfully thwart floods. Trees are workhorse.
But they are not alone in this world. Humans, especially in the greater Sacramento area, need to embrace their inner arborist. If you’re short on time or unaccustomed to servicing trees, Fallen Leaf Tree Management can help. Visit our website or call (916)-447-8733 for more information!

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