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Without management plans and inventories, you endanger the landscape of your commercial property. Commercial properties range in size and purpose. The surrounding landscape of any property is a demanding challenge to maintain. Some property owners hire gardeners of varying skill, who do not always understand the full extent of problems at the work site. They may not know how many trees are on the property, or be aware of which trees are at risk. Fallen Leaf Tree Management offers a variety of planning solutions.

Arborist Reports

An aborist report is a basic part of developing property management plans. Fallen Leaf sends ISA-qualified arborists to a commercial property to perform assessments. This can be a tree-by-tree catalogue of concerns and threats to the landscape, or even a report on a single tree. Alternatively, it is a broad overview of the entire property. An arborist report allows a property owner to know what trees need and why. Fallen Leaf arborist reports also offer multiple solutions to specific issues.

Cost Appraisals

When setting up management plans and inventories, a cost appraisal is another effective tool. If a tree fails on your property, it is best to know how much it is worth. This helps both in replacing the tree, and establishing the level of compensation you may be owed. Not all tree failures are from natural causes, and they can be very expensive to deal with!

Cost appraisals also cover estimates for any services your trees require.

Hazard Evaluation

There are three things we look for when evaluating the potential hazard of a tree. The size of a part that might fail, the potential for its failure, and the target it would fail on. There are many criteria that go into the evaluation which results in a number value from 3-12.

Because trees present possible benefits and dangers, you want to take all reasonable precautions to avoid liability issues. One of these is a hazard evaluation, another essential part of tree management plans. When Fallen Leaf Tree Management performs these evaluations, we look at a series of criteria, rating them on a scale from 3 to 12.

Three important factors are:

  • The size of the part or tree that might fail.
  • Potential for failure, and any factors that increase this potential.
  • Anything that is a target for this failure to land on.

Knowing this information allows our arborists and clients to create management plans to mitigate these risks.


Management plans are not complete without a full inventory of the trees on your property. An effective tree service plan requires knowing what trees are on your property. This information also helps reveal how much you need to spend on services these trees need. Full inventories allow Fallen Leaf to schedule regular services for all trees on a property.

One group of trees may require additional fertilizing. Some trees require pruning more often than others, or are more vulnerable to disease or pests. Mulch around the trees needs regular maintenance. An inventory lets property owners work with Fallen Leaf to maintain healthy control of their trees.

If you have a commercial property or a business that needs tree service, contact Fallen Leaf Tree Management at (916) 226-3712 or send us an email on our contact page for a quote today! Let our arborists take a look at your trees. We’ll come up with management plans that benefit your business, and keeps your trees growing strong.

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