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Most trees that are improperly planted last seven years on average before they fail. That’s seven years of watering, soil fertilizing, and maintenance that goes to waste. This is why we at Fallen Leaf Tree Management offer residential planting and establishment of trees. The first steps in the tree care process determine the future success or failure of your tree. We are committed to planting the right trees in the right place, to ensure your trees have a future.

Plant selection: The first step

Successful residential planting of trees starts at the nursery. This is a more involved process than you might believe! You can’t just buy any random sapling from a nursery and plant it wherever, expecting success Fallen Leaf carefully selects tree saplings to ensure that they are of good stock. We look for signs that of girdling or circling root systems, a major factor in why saplings fail within a decade. Inspections for possible pests and disease is also part of the selection process.

It’s vital to make certain that your sapling is an appropriate species for where you are planting it. This takes into account factors like regional climate. For example, California has has extended years of drought conditions that not every tree is capable of surviving. You then do not want to select trees suited for cooler, wetter regions.

Nursery trees come various sizes to fit landscaping needs and budgets. They often come in special containers for their root systems. The most common and popular size to plant is a 15 gallon container. Larger “box” containers can be up to 72 inches wide, and involve the use of cranes to move.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management uses a program to help you select the right tree. With 7000 trees documented in color pictures, you can see what your tree will look like as it grows. We also provide information about other aspects of the trees, such as when they bear fruit, how they will appear throughout the year, and other important data.

Soil Analysis can save money and your trees

Soil analysis plays a role in ensuring the health of your saplings. These lab tests can reveal problems before they affect your new tree. Fallen Leaf’s arborists will take those lab results, and form a plan of action. Does the soil need specific types of fertilizers? Is there a harmful bacteria or chemical present? These are the sorts of issues that can cause a tree to fail.

Worrying about the content of the soil also means considering the type of soil you’re planting in. Some regions are more affected by drought than others. Others may have a significant clay-like composition.

Let Fallen Leaf handle your residential planting and establishment needs!

Whether our ISA-certified arborists walk onto your property with a 15 gallon sapling planter, or a work crew cranes in a 72 inch boxed tree, you can rely on us to ensure your trees take root successfully. We plant young saplings, or establish trees that needed to be moved from other locations. We guarantee our customers trees that will grow strong, and retain their natural beauty for years to come. Our arborists and technicians have years of experience in setting up new trees, and protecting them from the unique hazards of urban living.

Remember, trees can outlast generations of families. They are an investment in the future, an investment that only pays off if you take proper care of them. Don’t leave such an expensive addition to your landscape up to chance. Contact Fallen Leaf Tree Management at (916) 226-3712 or send us an email on our contact page for a quote today, and start the process of establishing a new tree on your property tomorrow!

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