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Unfortunately, there are times where the aged oak or apple tree in our yard is just in the way. Rather than destroying a tree, some homeowners opt to have the tree moved to a new location.  However, residential tree moving is a complex process requiring special equipment and training. You want the best people for the job.

From fruit trees that bear seasonal treats for the family, to towering old oaks, trees are the centerpiece of any landscape. It takes time and effort to ensure these trees grow to their full potential. Even attempting to move trees, whether mature or young, puts their health at great risk. Fallen Leaf Tree Management’s crews bring years of experience and dedication in safely moving and replanting trees in their new homes.

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When and why to move a tree

Moving a tree in a residential area is done for a variety of reason. Safety is always a concern; a tall healthy tree is a potential threat to local power lines, or to nearby homes during a storm. However, a tree too close to a home foundation can cause serious damage over the years. Trees that grow too close potentially starve each other as they compete for nutrient-rich soil and sunlight. Of course, some homeowners simply want to clear their yard of a tree to restore a particular view. Perhaps the tree is proving problematic to the rest of the landscape.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that residential tree moving is delicate process. Certain trees can be moved any time of the year. Others are best moved during their dormant months.

Other major factors to consider when moving a tree is the size and the age. The taller and thicker a tree is, the more difficult it is to move and safely transport. The older it is, the more developed its root system will be. Due to these factors, moving the tree could cause far more harm than good.

Let Fallen Leaf Tree Management handle your residential tree moving service!

If you have trees on your property that you want or need to move, contact the pros at Fallen Leaf Tree Management. To maximize the chances of success, we’ll have arborists inspect your trees, and where they’re being moved to. From there, we’ll use our own equipment to remove the tree from its current home, and transplant it onto healthy soil. Our techniques are designed to ensure that trees who are 20 or 120 years old will still grow healthy after being moved.

Call us at (916) 226-3712 or send us an email on our contact page and get a quote from from Fallen Leaf today, and trust our pros to move your trees safely!

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