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Trees are the centerpieces of a landscape. Some of us have grown up in the same home, with the same tree on our front lawn for decades. In some ways, an old tree can feel like another part of the house, another part of the family. Sadly, a tree must sometimes be dealt with in a manner far more permanent than pruning. Fallen Leaf Tree Management specializes in residential tree removal, and provide Stump Grinding Service in Sacramento in the event there is no other option.

Why residential tree removal is sometimes necessary

Whether it is caused by disease, or pests, or just old age, trees can become weak. They can die. When this happens, a tree can become a serious hazard.

February 2017 will be remembered in California for quite some time thanks to the powerful storms that hit the state. High winds and heavy rains cause many trees to fail in sometimes dramatic fashion. The trees don’t even need to weak from disease or pests, the weather simply needs to be that rough. And without warning, neighborhoods suddenly lose power from trees falling on power lines. Homes and vehicles are damaged by branches flying at high speed, or from trees falling on top of them.

In some regions, heavy rains cause mudslides that uproot otherwise healthy trees. And as much of a concern this all is, property alone isn’t the only thing to be worried about around hazardous trees.

Imagine a child climbing a weakened or dead tree, falling dozens of feet to the ground after a limb snaps. Imagine a heavy branch falling on top of you as you relax under your aged oak.

Occasionally, a tree is a danger to other trees. The disease or wood borers ravaging your tree put other neighboring trees at risk. Sometimes, a mistake when planting a tree necessitates its removal; a tree’s root system too close to a home threatens its foundation. At other times, removal is a convenience that allows building a pool or the expansion of a home.

Fallen Leaf is the best bet for residential tree removal!

Performing tree removal in urban areas is a highly technical procedure that demands special equipment and training. Safety is always a major concern: one mistake can cause a lot of property damage, or get someone seriously injured.

Searching for Stump Removal Service Near Me Fallen Leaf is your best bet for safe residential tree removal because we have the equipment to get the job done, no matter how big your tree is. We own our own cranes, meaning we can tackle large trees in a single day rather than waiting for another contractor to provide the needed equipment. Our inventory also includes wood chippers and large trucks, which means we can also dispose of trees in the same day we remove them.

Fallen Leaf’s technicians and arborists are fully qualified professionals. When we remove trees, safety is the top priority. Advanced rigging techniques prevent property damage, and keep people safe.

Lastly, 100% of all trees pruned and removed are recycled back into usable landscape products. We provide mulch, compost, and lumber from removed trees. If your tree has sentimental value, we can mill the tree to your specifications, providing lumber for your next home project.

Residential tree removal is a demanding and stressful situation for a homeowner, for a whole neighborhood. You want skilled professionals to get the job done right, and quickly. If you need a tree removed, contact Fallen Leaf Tree Management at (916) 226-3712 or send us an email on our contact page for a free quote today. Let us remove your trees safely and smoothly!

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