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California’s most recent drought ended in early 2017 with record rainfall. Unfortunately, the toll of the drought cannot be reversed: 100 million trees statewide are dead, in our forests and our cities. Countless more are under heavy stress, damaged by sun bleaching, rot, and disease. In the right conditions, say during sudden downbursts of high winds and heavy rain, stressed trees are more likely to fall. The greatest dangers are trees in residential areas, which could fall on vehicles or homes. Fallen Leaf Tree Management provides Davis emergency tree service, a fast response to any tree-related incidents on your property!

You can’t always predict when and if a tree will fail!

Davis emergency tree serviceTree failure happens, and sometimes there’s very little warning. There are some clear indicators of impending failures, disease symptoms, dead and dying branches being among them. Sometimes the problem isn’t in plain sight, such as a weak and rotting root system. The danger could be entirely structural; some trees grow oversized branches that could fail under their own weight. Other trees have a distinct split in the trunk that, if not properly braced, could ultimately split the tree in half. Regardless of the cause, a tree failure can be dangerous to anything around them. Dead branches are more likely to break, damage to property and possibly leading to serious injury. The consequences could be dramatically worse if the entire tree comes down.

It isn’t just sick trees that have a chance to fail in spectacular fashion. The storms of 2017 put an end to California’s most recent drought. However, they also spelled the end of trees that were seemingly healthy and strong. The deluge of rain, coupled with high winds and wet soil, led to some trees getting blown over. This would tear up front lawns, and in some extreme cases could even cause serious damage to sidewalks and nearby roads.

Fallen Leaf can handle Davis emergency tree service any time!

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Regardless of the cause, a tree failure can be extremely dangerous at worst, and severely inconvenient. Nobody wakes up in the morning expecting an oak to have fallen onto their car… or into their living room! Heavy branches, or perhaps an entire tree could fall across a driveway, effectively leaving your cars stuck in their parking spot. Or they could block a road, causing major traffic jams or worse.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management offers decades of experience when it comes to handling tree emergencies. Our team of technicians have all the tools and skills needed to quickly get a fallen or damaged tree off your property. We can also assess other trees on your landscape, and determine if they are at risk of a serious failure. We can then provide an action plan to address these problems before they become serious.

Tree emergencies happen with little to no warning, and you want them resolved as soon as possible. You can contact us on our website, call us at (916) 226-3712 to schedule Davis emergency tree service when you need it!

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