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The city of Davis takes tree care seriously, with a strong focus on preservation. With extensive efforts by the city’s Urban Forestry Division, historical and landmark trees see regular care. Local guidelines include the expectation that homeowners hire tree service companies that keep preservation at the forefront. However, there are times when a tree can no longer be preserved. Whether it’s because of age, disease, of the aftermath of a multi-year drought, sometimes the best option for a tree is to have it removed. Fallen Leaf Tree Management can make the decision easier, offering fast and safe Davis tree removal service.

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Davis tree removal may be more needed than you think

There’s no denying the benefits of trees. Beyond the beauty they provide to a landscape, trees benefit our environment in many ways. They provide shade and comfort, and help with our air quality. A properly placed tree can shade a home or business, which in turn uses less power for air conditioning. These benefits can make the decision to hire a Davis tree removal company very difficult. But sometimes it is absolutely necessary. A tree that is suffering from disease or drought stress isn’t just an issue of looks on the landscape. Trees can present a major safety hazard to people and property.

A tree branch on the UC Davis campus fell on a group of students. It was a 32-foot long branch that fell almost 40 feet to the ground, injuring multiple people. Three women would be sent to the hospital for their injuries. It is possible that this tree could have been afflicted by disease or pests, or the weight of the branch could have been enough to cause it to break. Events like these are a serious warning about issues with the tree, issues that may necessitate the tree’s removal.

Davis tree removal is also about preservation. Some pests and diseases can devastate whole populations of trees. Early detection and removal of these problems may be one of the only options to ensure the health of other trees.

Get professional Davis tree removal done right

Davis Tree RemovalDavis expects all homeowners and property owners to keep the preservation of the urban forest in mind when removing a tree. Contractors must adhere to local guidelines when performing any Davis tree removal. Fallen Leaf Tree Management brings decades of experience in tree service to any property we work on. It can be difficult to lose a tree that has been a part of a property for many years, and we understand that. We also know how inconvenient the whole process can be! It’s loud, and often requires heavy equipment to do right. And if it’s done improperly, you could badly damage a landscape.

At Fallen Leaf, safety and preservation of a landscape comes first. However, we also know that it can be a serious inconvenience to have a work crew on your property! Fallen Leaf guarantees Davis tree removal service that is not only safe, but swift. We can be on and off your property in a single day, your tree removed, and your peace of mind restored. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, contact Fallen Leaf today, and see what we can do for you!

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