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Tree care is important to Davis. The Urban Forestry Division maintains online a set of basics to follow that can help any homeowner understand how best to care for their trees. Preservation of trees is part of the game. Historical trees are are designated as landmarks for special care. The city has named specific tree species for planting throughout its neighborhoods to ensure the right trees are selected for the local environment. City employees and volunteers can’t reach every tree alone; Fallen Leaf provides comprehensive Davis tree service to help maintain the urban forest.

Davis tree service focuses on more than just pruning!

Davis Tree ServiceWatering a tree is something any home owner can do, if they’re willing to learn how, and willing to spend the time to do it. And not every tree is 40+ foot tall English Oak. Some homes have a smaller, more recently planted tree in their yards, a citrus tree for example. Trees that are small enough for someone to grab a set of shears to do some light pruning on their own.

There are some things we can’t handle without professional assistance. We might be able to see rot or dead branches on a tree, but not everyone understands why it’s happening. A tree may be too tall to safely prune without specialized equipment. A disease that could spread to other trees in your neighborhood might escape detection until it is too late.

Complete Davis tree service is about dealing with problems when we discover them, but it goes further beyond. The best way to preserve the urban forest is through prevention. It goes beyond watering and pruning. Soil analysis, proper planting and fertilization, even the complete removal of trees are all a part of tree service.

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After years of drought, vast swaths of California’s forests have seen massive die-offs of trees. But the problem isn’t limited to the forests. Our urban centers, where millions of trees have been planted are seeing trees in distress. Worse yet, trees that are not suited for a given region are chosen by many property developers simply for their looks alone. Trees ill-suited for a region are quickly stressed to the breaking point. Dead and dying trees present a serious hazard to property and people.

As of 2017, the most recent drought is considered ‘over’. The effects still remain. Trees all over Davis are in a fragile state, struggling to recover. While volunteers and the Urban Forestry Division do their part, many trees’ survival are left up to a homeowner. We don’t all know how to deal with complex tree issues. Fortunately, you can hire Fallen Leaf Tree Management; trees are our business, and we provide expert Davis tree service.

With experienced, ISA-qualified arborists and tree technicians, the Fallen Leaf team is able help you preserve your part of Davis’ urban forest. Whether it’s basic pruning, or a complex soil analysis to explain why your young tree is struggling to thrive, you can count on us to help the trees on your landscape get the best care possible. Contact us today and learn more about what we can do for you!

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