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Trees benefit Davis in a many ways. A home shaded by a tree doesn’t grow quite as hot during the summer months, requiring less energy spent on air conditioning. Trees improve our local air quality, and improve the appearance of any property when well maintained. Preserving the appearance of a tree involves proper pruning, but it also plays a part in encouraging healthy growth in trees. While some trees can be easily pruned by anyone with a set of shears, others require the hands of professionals. If you want the best Davis tree trimming service, contact Fallen Leaf Tree Management today.

Davis tree trimmingProfessional Davis tree trimming helps preserve your trees!

A smaller tree is easy enough for the average person to do some light trimming on their own. But even something like this can result in lasting harm to a tree. What starts as pruning dead or damaged branches can spiral into excessive pruning. A homeowner that doesn’t have as much experience with tree pruning may accidentally cut the wrong branches.

To avoid this, or to deal with larger trees, some people hire landscapers. While they can help with the appearance of a tree, some landscapers offer “tree topping” or “lion’s tailing”. These practices are highly discouraged by ISA-qualified arborists, as most trees do not take well to these excessive pruning practices. Experienced tree service companies can prune trees to encourage growth without causing permanent damage to your trees.

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There are many reasons why we prune trees beyond their health. Trees are often selected for a landscape because of a desired appearance. Pruning lets you keep a tree looking a specific way. Proper pruning lets you do this without causing permanent harm. But sometimes the look of the tree alone isn’t the problem. Rather, it’s what the tree isn’t letting you see that is the problem. Large trees can block a desired view, and some landscapers believe that your best bet is to just ‘top’ the tree. A proper tree service company can reduce the crown of your tree with proper pruning practices.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management brings decades of experience to any tree service project. Our team of ISA-certified arborists can properly assess your trees, from the conditions of their branches, to the contents of their soil. They can identify weakened or damaged branches, or detect any symptoms of disease. We prune your trees, based on your requirements, while also keeping the health of the tree in mind at all times.

At Fallen Leaf, we understand that a landscape, and your trees, are an investment. Poor pruning practices and neglect can threaten your investment, and it can be very expensive to undo serious mistakes! Getting professional Davis tree trimming service is one way to guarantee the health and longevity of your trees. Contact Fallen Leaf today through our web form, or call us at (916) 226-3712. If you need pruning, or other tree service, we’re a name you can trust!

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