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Plant health care is about preventing issues with trees as much as it is addressing the ones we find. It starts from the moment the tree is selected at nursery. Plant health care is intended to ensure a tree has a long, full life, whether it’s the tree in your backyard, or the trees flanking the entrance to your restaurant. Regular maintenance can strengthen a tree, and make it more likely to recover from injury, pests, or disease. A good PHC plan also considers the plants around a tree, they affect trees as much as trees affect them. Fallen Leaf Tree Management provides El Dorado Hills plant health care solutions for residential and commercial clients.

What does plant health care mean?

El Dorado Hills Plant Health CarePlant health care describes all the typical tree and plant maintenance practices. From regular pruning and fertilization, to inspections, PHC is about ensuring strong and healthy growth. It’s worth repeating that plant health care starts as early as the nursery. You spare yourself a lot of trouble by selecting plants and trees that look healthy. It also helps to choose trees that will grow well in your region. However, selecting the right tree sapling isn’t enough.

For trees to succeed, arborists follow proper planting guidelines. After planting, saplings receive special attention throughout the establishment period. Regular watering and fertilization schedules are vital. The first pruning of a tree can determine its future growth for life. Regular inspections during this early period are performed to catch potential problems that threaten future health. Stopping pests, or identifying disease early is critical for young trees.

Fallen Leaf’s El Dorado Hills plant health care services do not focus only on younger plants and trees. Trees of any size and age benefit greatly from a full PHC plan. Additionally, some plants and trees affect each other in significant ways. A plant may be a common host to a pest that could harm the tree. In turn, a tree competing for sunlight means that plants under the canopy may have trouble growing properly.

Fallen Leaf has the El Dorado Hills plant health care solutions your landscape needs!

For decades, the arborists and technicians at Fallen Leaf Tree Management have dedicated themselves to tree maintenance and plant health care. We know that for any landscape, a home’s front yard or a business parking lot, trees are the centerpieces. Without proper care, these centerpieces can fail, sometimes in dramatic fashion. The money you save by not spending on plant health care does not outweigh the cost of removing a tree dead from neglect or disease. Nor does it outweigh the cost of property it damages, should it fall.

Your landscape at home or at your business are investments in the future. Protect this investment by calling Fallen Leaf Tree Management for a PHC solution. Our skilled teams of arborists make us your best option for El Dorado Hills plant health care. If you want your trees and plants to last, contact us today!

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