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El Dorado Hills has experienced explosive growth over the last 17 years. From 2000-2010 alone, the population of EDH more than doubled. A growing population meant that urban and commercial development had to keep pace. As the community expands, development inevitably begins to compete with the trees that have long made the area their home. While many trees have been integrated into new neighborhoods and commercial developments, others must be removed. Whether it’s to allow for new construction, or for safety concerns, Fallen Leaf Tree Management is the best company for El Dorado Hills tree removal!

Why do people need El Dorado Hills tree removal?

The community of El Dorado Hills integrates itself among trees and scenic vistas. But it is growing, and will continue to grow. New construction will inevitably have to deal with trees.

Trees are removed often because they will conflict with nearby construction. However, another major concern with trees is public safety. Sometimes, despite proper maintenance, or due to a lack of it, a tree becomes a serious hazard. Branches could be growing too low to the ground. Disease or rot may have set in on a tree, leading to weak trunks and branches. In the worst cases, a tree could fail, falling on homes and parked cars. Extreme weather, including high winds, could be enough to topple even a seemingly sturdy tree.

One method of removing a tree involves the complete destruction of the tree: cutting it down, grinding down the stump, and removing the stump and the roots. However, another option involves moving the tree from its present location to a newer location. This latter option is not always possible, depending on the age of a tree. Fallen Leaf’s El Dorado Hills tree removal service is capable of both methods. We’ve got the equipment, and people with decades of experience in service of trees.

Contact Fallen Leaf Tree Management for El Dorado Hills tree removal!

Trees die of old age and disease every day. Proper tree maintenance controls and defeats disease and pests. Some tree species have better defenses than others against potential maladies. However, when foreign pests or disease enter a tree population, it can be a disaster. If no other options are available, removing a tree suffering from pests or disease may be the best solution. Losing a tree is difficult, but removing the tree could save every other tree on the property from succumbing to a destructive pest or illness.

Contact the professionals at Fallen Leaf Tree Management today, and make sure that your tree removal gets done right, done quickly, and without a mess left behind. We work with commercial and private property owners to ensure that we disrupt nothing about their business or daily life. With a team of fully-qualified arborists and technicians, Fallen Leaf can take on any El Dorado Hills tree removal job!

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