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Pruning is a basic essential in tree maintenance. Pruning ensures that a tree maintains a desired appearance. Done properly, it encourages healthy tree growth, and controls potential health issues. Weak or dead branches may present a safety hazard, and pruning them is the best way to limit the danger. As the El Dorado Hill community continues to expand, it will inevitably integrate development with trees. Without proper care, these trees may become a serious liability. If you’re looking for proper El Dorado Hills tree trimming service, look no further than Fallen Leaf Tree Management!

Tree pruning done right!

El Dorado Hills Tree TrimmingTrimming a tree doesn’t require a full ISA certification. Just about anyone with pruning shears can handle a small backyard tree. Pruning correctly, however, requires an understanding of what your tree needs. Without proper pruning technique, or knowledge, you can do more than just ruin the looks of the tree!

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t have this level of knowledge or experience. Worse yet, unqualified landscapers offer harmful practices as part of their own tree service, such as tree topping or lion’s-tailing. These harmful pruning methods leaves most trees permanently damaged, or dead. While qualified arborists continue to decry these methods, they continue to be sold to unassuming customers.

Getting a proper El Dorado tree trimming service is about preserving a tree’s health. It’s also about the safety of people and property that will be near the tree. A tree suffering from bad pruning practices is many times more likely to fail. A heavy branch falling on a car or a home could be serious. Imagine an entire tree, thirty feet tall, crashing down onto a home, a business, or a set of company vehicles.

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Having a tree on your property, whether it’s in the back yard or in front of your shop, is an investment. Regular maintenance and pruning not only ensures the tree looks good, it can save you money in the long run. It might be ‘cheap’ to find someone who will ‘top’ the tree because it grown too tall. Or maybe the tree canopy has grown too thick, and you’ve been offered to have it ‘cleaned out’. Excessive pruning and tree topping both sound like quick solutions, and the people performing them may offer them for little money. However, if those trees fail and damage property, or even harm someone, you could be paying a lot more in the future.

Fallen Leaf’s arborists and tree technicians have decades of experience in tree pruning and maintenance. We’ll properly assess your trees, diagnose the problems we find, and take the correct actions to deal with them. If you want to protect the trees on your property, if you want to protect your investment, Fallen Leaf Tree Management is your best bet. Call us at (916) 226-3712 or send us an email on our contact page if you want El Dorado Hills tree trimming done right!

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