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Fallen Leaf Tree Management can take on Elk Grove emergency tree service calls. We have experience in dealing with the surprises Mother Nature can leave at our door step… or through the roof of an SUV! When Mother Nature decides to bring the weather, even the oldest and sturdiest-looking trees can fall. Elk Grove is no stranger to these events.

Elk Grove emergency tree serviceThe powerful rainstorms of 2017 were a stark reminder for many Californians about the power of a storm. As beneficial as a tree can be for a home or business, they can also present a serious hazard. Falling trees damage property, and potentially can harm people.

Sometimes, there’s warning signs that a tree might fall. But these disasters can’t always be predicted. They also aren’t always dramatic, loud events. We tend to imagine a tree falling with a crash that could wake a whole neighborhood. Many people assume that when a tree does fall, it happens very fast.

Trees on heavily saturated soil can fall slowly overnight, as one Elk Grove resident discovered in Janurary 2017. It’s very likely that this tree took hours to fully tip over.

Why Elk Grove emergency tree service is important

The city is part of a Greenprint Initiative, working with the Sacramento Tree Foundation. The goal is to double the overall tree canopy in the region over the next 40 years. What this means is that a great number of trees will be planted and require maintenance. There are only so many city workers and arborists available. In addition to this initiatives, there will always be urban and commercial development to consider.

Unfortunately, some developers may use trees not suited for our region, including the Bradford Pear tree. The Bradford Pear has a lifespan of roughly 20 years, and is considered an invasive species. While most people know them for the very unpleasant odor they give off, they also present a hazard to their surroundings.

These trees do not set roots deep in their soil, making them susceptible to the high winds and heavy rains that can bring down much sturdier trees. Elk Grove has many such trees, and in the right conditions they can present a serious threat to property and people.

California’s long droughts threaten all species of trees. There are millions of trees all across the state that are dying, or dead thanks to the most recent drought. Trees in poor condition near homes or businesses may fail without warning. You want a service that can respond quickly to these situations.

Call Fallen Leaf if you have a tree emergency!

Our arborists and tree technicians have decades of experience responding to tree-related emergencies. We’ve dealt with trees and branches fallen on cars and homes. After extreme weather events, including the storms of early 2017, our workers were out in the field, helping clean up after our trees.

If you need Elk Grove emergency tree service, and need pros on-site as soon as possible, call Fallen Leaf today. We can get a team out to your location, and have the tree serviced or removed in the same day!

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