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Elk Grove has joined the Sacramento Tree Foundation in the Green Print Initiative. In short, this is a symbol of the city’s commitment to its urban forest. Elk Grove’s Greenprint isn’t just about preserving the urban forest it has, but it is also expanding the forest. The Foundation’s goal is to double the greater Sacramento area’s tree canopy through the next four decades. Elk Grove intends to be a part of this expanded growth. To do this means Elk Grove plant health care has to be taken seriously. Fallen Leaf Tree Management is ready to help.

The Greenprint Initiative challenge

Elk Grove plant health careTrees are centerpieces of front lawns and back yards. Properly maintained, they grow strong, stay healthy, resisting diseases and pests. Other plants that are part of the landscape enjoy a healthy co-existence. In 2007, there were almost 112,000 street trees in Elk Grove. According to Elk Grove’s Urban Canopy Assessment from that year, 76% of the street trees are in healthy condition. This means that almost a quarter of all trees in the city needed aid of some kind.

A significant portion of these trees are considered to be on private property. This means that the maintenance of these trees is up to the property owners, the majority of whom in these cases are homeowners. Most home owners do not fully understand the needs of their landscape.

Developers expanding commercial or urban property often have an idea about the value in a green landscape. However, they do not always understand what trees and plants are actually good choices for a planting region. Additionally, they may not be fully aware of any negative relationships between the trees and plants they select for a project. This is often why trees and plants on a landscape fail to reach their full potential.

Elk Grove plant health care is in good hands with Fallen Leaf!

Plant health care starts before you even plant a tree sapling, or a garden next to a tree. Understanding the region you’re planting in, and selecting suitable trees for it are the first steps. Then comes the regular maintenance and care of your trees. Proper pruning, an integrated pest management plan, and watching out for possible diseases are all part of plant health care.

It isn’t easy for the average homeowner to do it all by themselves, especially with large trees. Yet, without proper care your trees could grow into being a hazard to you and your property. And that is where Fallen Leaf Tree Management can help you.

Our arborists have decades of experience in tree maintenace, and all other aspects of plant health care. We’re fully prepared to do what it takes to ensure your landscape stays green and healthy. Whether your Elk Grove plant health care needs involve replanting trees, removing sickly or dead ones, or pest control, you can rely on Fallen Leaf! Call us today, and let our arborists assess your landscape.

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