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We enjoy the benefits of trees for our home and business landscapes every day. However, there are times where a neighboring tree is a potential problem. Fallen Leaf Tree Management offers Elk Grove tree removal service, to deal with those problem trees.

Any tree can present a serious hazard to people and property if it doesn’t get proper maintenance. California also experiences regular stretches of drought, which has killed tens of millions of trees around the state. Dead and dying trees are a fire hazard in forests and cities alike. Local governments can’t always help with removal, and it can take a long time before city services can adress your specific tree. And that’s where Fallen Leaf comes in.

Why Elk Grove tree removal is needed?

There are trees that present obvious physical hazards. The Bradford Pear is a prominent Elk Grove example. This invasive species has a short life span and does not set very deep roots. When planted at improper locations, they are known for damaging sidewalks and storm drains. Powerful storms can easily knock them over or break branches. They also are not well suited for California’s drought years, which kills many Bradford Pears.

Additionally, when the trees bloom they give off an extremely unpleasant odor. Unfortunately, the low cost of these trees leads developers to use them in Elk Grove. They can be found on commercial properties, in fields, and in residential areas.

The Bradford Pear isn’t the only tree that calls for Elk Grove tree removal. There are trees growing to close to buildings or power lines that a simple pruning can’t take care of. Removing old trees that have succumbed to drought prevents damage to property, and limits fire hazards. Trees leaning over after heavy rains and high winds may also need removal so that they don’t fall onto homes or power lines.

Sometimes, after a tree contracts pests or disease, removal is the only option. This is is a way to protect landscapes that include many of the same tree species. Pests and disease can easily cross over from tree to tree. Depending on the actual threat, the first trees you detect the problem could already be beyond rescue. However, by removing the affected trees you could save the others.

Call Fallen Leaf today to schedule a tree removal!

Removing trees is not always a simple decision to make, nor is it always the right decision to make. That is why you should always get a tree assessed by an ISA-qualified arborist. Fallen Leaf’s arborists will be able to identify any issues your trees are experiencing, and whether or not removal is the right solution.

If you do need Elk Grove tree removal service, Fallen Leaf Tree Management is your best option. We’ve got all the equipment needed to remove a tree quickly, safely, and at a reasonable cost. Additionally, our arborists can assess other trees on your property for any potential issues.

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