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Elk Grove’s commitment to the regional Greenprint Initiative means that more trees will be planted throughout the city. Commercial and residential development will be expected to incorporate more trees. Existing trees are in need of care. However, the city government only has so many resources available to tend to every tree. Not only that, many trees are on private property, which leaves their care and maintenance up to property and homeowners. Fallen Leaf Tree Management offers Elk Grove tree service to help the city and its residents care for trees young and old.

What Fallen Leaf can do for Elk Grove tree service

Elk Grove tree trimmingTree service isn’t just about caring for trees that have been around for decades. Fallen Leaf tree service starts at the nursery. We plant trees, ensuring we use healthy saplings, and the best practices for planting. While some landscapers and developers pick trees for pure looks, our qualified arborists select trees that will thrive in our region.

Elk Grove tree service involves regular maintenance, and proper pruning. We don’t “top” trees! All our pruning meets the highest industry standards. The safety of people and property, and the health of your trees all receive equal attention.

An arborist inspection can detect and prevent diseases and pest infestation. If the tree is suffering from either, it’s important to identify it as quickly as possible. The tree itself could die without care, and diseases or pests may affect other parts of your landscape! If trees develop a structural weakness, either through natural causes or from bad pruning, Fallen Leaf can reinforce the tree. Using braces and cabling, our tree technicians can keep your trees standing.

Elk Grove tree serviceWhat if a tree has to be removed?

We focus on trying to keep trees in the best shape possible, but sometimes that isn’t enough. If a tree is in danger of complete failure, or it is simply in the way, Fallen Leaf is able to remove it from your property. We can get your tree removed in a single work day, safely and quickly, and we won’t leave a mess behind!

Contact the pros at Fallen Leaf Tree Management today!

No matter what your Elk Grove tree service needs may be, we can handle it. Our fully ISA-qualified arborists and experienced technicians are fully capable of taking care of the trees on your landscape. Let us help take care of your trees!

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