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There are well over 100,000 trees in the city of Elk Grove. A majority of these trees rest on private property, and the maintenance of these trees is up to the property owner. Unfortunately, the trees do not always get the care they need. The most basic aspect of tree care is pruning, and it is also one that is easy to get wrong. Improper pruning often results in long-lasting harm to young trees. For older trees, excessive pruning is potentially fatal. If you want Elk Grove tree trimming done right, you can rely on the experts of Fallen Leaf Tree Management.

The risks of improper pruning

Elk Grove tree trimmingMany homeowners can do their own pruning on small trees with a set of shears and some research. Larger and older trees are more of a challenge, and often require special equipment that the average property owner doesn’t have. It is very easy with any tree to prune it incorrectly, and cause lasting harm.

Most mistakes result from a lack of knowledge and experience. It’s easy for someone to accidentally “starve” a young tree by pruning away too many of the leaf-bearing branches it will need to absorb sunlight. For large trees, property owners often hire landscapers who offer a “tree topping” or “lion’s tailing” service.

Often, tree topping or lion’s tailing is requested by home owners who feel a tree is growing too large, or is blocking a particular view. There are also legitimate safety concerns that lead to these improper tree pruning methods. Low hanging branches can damage proper or hurt people. Tall trees could sway with the wind into power cables.

Call Fallen Leaf for your Elk Grove tree trimming needs!

While some trees can bounce back from tree topping or excessive pruning, that isn’t true for all trees! For trees that are improperly pruned, there are a host of issues that can be more expensive to keep up on. In some cases, far more expensive than the actual tree topping service was! Trees weakened by topping or lion’s tailing are more likely to outright fail. In the most dramatic cases, a weakened or dead tree can fall onto a nearby parked car, or your home.

If you want Elk Grove tree trimming done right, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience. The arborists and tree technicians at Fallen Leaf have decades of experience, combined with full qualifications by the ISA. Trees are an investment into the future of your property. Proper pruning is one step in protecting that investment. Call the pros at Fallen Leaf Tree Management today at (916) 226-3712 or send us an email on our contact page, and schedule a consultation for your property!

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