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Folsom emergency tree serviceCalifornia’s drought years have killed over 100 million trees statewide. Whether it’s in forests, or in urban centers, trees have been pushed beyond their limits and have succumbed to harsh weather. And as 2017’s early storms have shown, even healthy trees are vulnerable to excessive rains and high wind speeds. A tree can fail dramatically, sometimes with seemingly no warning. If you’re in need of Folsom emergency tree service, you can count on Fallen Leaf Tree Management to take care of your problem quickly!

You’ll need Folsom emergency tree service when you least expect it!

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of arborists and landscapers, a tree can fail in dramatic fashion. Damage from storms could have weakened a branch that gives out over night, crushing the roof of a nearby parked car. And it can get much, much worse.

In 2015, Folsom discovered that many redwood trees on residential property are under heavy stress. Many residents removed the trees to head off problems in advance. The cost of removal is high, and some people with stressed trees opted to keep them around and hope for the best.

The heavy rains and winds of 2017 caused many tree failures all around the greater Sacramento region. And while the drought may officially be over, many trees still struggle to recover from those dry years. These trees are weak, more prone to branch failures, pests, and disease. And should a massive tree succumb to these dangers, there can be very costly tree failures under the right conditions.

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Contact Fallen Leaf today if you need Folsom emergency tree service!

Fallen Leaf’s arborists also offer assessments of trees. If you feel that your trees may present a risk to your property, we can determine the level of that risk, and what your options are. We guarantee honest assessments, to ensure that your trees get the care they need! You may be able to head-off a serious issue with timely service from our team. Fill out our contact form if you are interested in more information about our services!

Trees that fall on cars or homes not only affect the property they collapse on, they can impede foot and vehicle traffic. You will want a Folsom emergency tree service provider who can work quickly to deal with these unpleasant surprises. Whether your trees need to be properly braced for support, or removed entirely from your property, you can count on Fallen Leaf Tree Management!

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