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A landscape is an investment in the appearance of your home or business. Trees are the obvious centerpieces, but the plants each tree are also important. Plants and trees affect each other, sometimes in harmful ways. For example, some plants may be vectors for diseases or pests that a tree may not be capable of resisting. Tree canopies can overshadow plants that require sun in order to thrive. Maintaining a landscape like this requires knowledge and the experience to act on that knowledge. When it comes to Folsom plant health care, you can rely on Fallen Leaf Tree Management.

Folsom plant health careFolsom plant health care isn’t only about trees!

Your landscape, whether it’s the one near your business, or the one in your backyard, is defined by your trees. However, that tree’s health is influenced by many different factors outside of how much water it gets, or the fertility of the soil. Developers sometimes select trees and plants based on their appearance alone, but do not always understand how they affect one another. Mistakes like these can be very costly to deal with.

A plant that attracts specific types of insect puts the health of all trees on your property at risk. Consequently, there are some trees that compete for resources so fiercely that a number of plants cannot thrive if planted too close to them. And of course, just as plants can bring harmful pests and disease to a tree, the opposite is also true. Complete plant health care service must take these factors into account for a landscape to properly thrive.

Get comprehensive Folsom plant health care from Fallen Leaf Tree Management!

Some home and business owners have the means to provide their plants and trees the basic care they need. However, sometimes a problem with your trees and plants requires a professional assessment. A problem that seems obvious up front may actually be something else entirely. A misdiagnosis could cost you a tree, or many plants on your property!

Fallen Leaf Tree Management employs fully ISA-qualified arborists. We provide thorough assessments of any property to ensure that we accurately identify problems and their causes. Based on these inspections, we can prepare a Folsom plant health care plan that meets your needs. Our services range from regular pruning maintenance and soil analysis, to the moving and replanting of trees. Whether you’re a concerned home owner, or the owner of a business, Fallen Leaf can work with you!

Fallen Leaf Tree Management offers these Folsom plant health care services:

  • Drought care and water management planning
  • Nuisance fruit removal
  • Pest and disease management
  • Pruning and vista tree pruning
  • Soil Analysis
  • Soil Amendment (including fertilization and hydration)
  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Tree removal and replanting
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