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The trees of Folsom are a valuable part of the city landscape. Homes and businesses alike enjoy the benefits of trees. However, years of drought and the threats of disease and pests greatly challenge the health of all trees. Despite the powerful rainstorms of 2017, the effects of the drought continue to be felt. To protect your trees, and to ensure they survive for years to come, they need regular care. Fallen Leaf Tree Management provides the best Folsom tree service, covering every possible need your trees may have!

Protect your landscape investment!

Folsom tree serviceTrees provide benefits to the neighborhoods and businesses they are planted near. Shade and comfort, cleaner air, and reduced power consumption are only part of the positive impact trees have to offer. They are obvious centerpieces to any landscape; for many homeowners, trees have been part of their property for as long as they have lived in Folsom. While the city has taken many steps to protect and preserve its urban forest, trees need all the help they can get. Drought and recent storms have shown just how vulnerable local trees are. Many trees planted in Folsom require regular watering and maintenance. In some cases their needs exceed what the city and the weather have been able to provide.

For example, the redwood trees found throughout Folsom typically grow near the Californian coasts, in regions where up to 100 inches of rain fall in a year. While the drought officially ended in 2017, it may take years for redwoods under stress to fully recover. And it is important to remember that there are many species of trees planted in around Folsom, all experiencing the same stresses that the redwoods are. It is this reality that makes full-spectrum tree service in Folsom so important.

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Whether your trees need trimming, fertilization, or if they need braces to prevent a serious failure, Fallen Leaf Tree Management can help. With a team of ISA-qualified arborists and technicians, we combine knowledge and decades of experience to ensure your trees stay standing!

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