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Folsom’s neighborhoods and businesses all benefit from trees. They provide shade and comfort, and even help reduce energy bills. A home or business shaded by trees has to spend less energy on air conditioning. And then there’s the benefit to our local air quality. As trees grow and age, regular pruning is necessary in order preserve the benefits they offer. Fallen Leaf offers expert Folsom tree trimming services for trees of all sizes!

Folsom tree trimmingSettle only for the best: Get experts to do Folsom tree trimming right!

For smaller trees, the average homeowner can use their own set of pruning sheers. With some research, a novice can make some light and easy cuts on the tree’s canopy. However, as easy as it might sound, it’s just as easy to inflict serious harm on a tree. Excessive pruning, and improper pruning cuts can starve a tree to death, or leave them vulnerable to disease or pests.

For larger trees, many home and business owners simply do not have the equipment to safely prune them. However, on occasion they hire landscapers or companies willing to provide “tree topping” or “lion’s tailing” for trees. While there are tree species that recover from these pruning practices, many others do not. Fallen Leaf, and many other tree service companies, do not perform these services as many trees simply die as a result of these practices.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management can handle your Folsom tree trimming needs!

Whether you’re looking to trim a tree for appearances’ sake, or you just want to reduce it’s size so it isn’t blocking a view, Fallen Leaf is ready to help! Our clients can tailor our Folsom tree trimming services to meet their needs. One of our ISA-qualified arborists can provide a proper assessment of your trees before any work is started. This will help ensure than any pruning we perform, on any scale, will ensure your tree recovers and continues to grow healthy and strong. We work with residential and commercial clients, and understand that both have different concerns with how they want their trees to look.

Our assessment ensures that we identify potentially problematic branches in your tree’s canopy. We can trim branches that are growing too close to your home or business. We’ll also be able to remove branches that could potentially fail, or may be affected by diseases or pests. If branches are growing too low to the ground, we can effectively prune them, and even reduce the overall size of the tree’s crown to restore a scenic vista.

Tree trimming is just one aspect of tree care, but it is one of the most important forms of maintenance. Done right, you can not only keep a tree’s desired appearance, you ensure its health for years to come. Call us at (916) 226-3712 or send us an email on our contact page to speak with our pros at Fallen Leaf today, and learn how we can help you with your trees.

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