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There’s no way to predict when a tree will fail. However, California has recently just exited a multi-year drought, one that has killed millions of trees statewide. These trees are located in forests, they are in our small townships, our cities, and residential neighborhoods. Countless other trees are under extreme stress, even after the powerful storms of early 2017. Millions of trees have already failed, millions of others are at risk of failure. Under the right conditions these trees can fall, onto sidewalks, onto cars, homes, and potentially harm people. It can happen without warning, and you need to respond quickly to these sudden situations. Fallen Leaf Tree Management offers Granite Bay emergency tree service, to get these failed trees, or trees potentially ready to fail, off your property.

Even the most sturdy looking tree can fall!

Granite Bay emergency tree serviceTrees rely on the conditions around them to stay healthy, almost as much as they rely on our ability to help maintain them. Unfortunately, not every tree in Granite Bay may have gotten the care it needs. Disease or drought could have weakened it. The root system could have weakened due to rot. Or perhaps the problems were present since the tree was a young sapling. Competing trunks and branches that lead to structural weaknesses, or poor quality soil. The most recent drought could have made an existing condition worse. Or the trees could even be dead due to the drought, leaving it to become what amounts to a time bomb.

Sadly, no tree of any age is immune to climates they aren’t meant to endure. Pests such as the emerald ash borer, or the Asian citrus psyllid, threaten even the healthiest looking trees. And of course, even a tree that is completely healthy can get knocked over by a storm. A tree that has grown in a neighborhood for generations could be blown over by high winds. Or enough rain could loosen the soil enough to allow the tree to fall under it’s own weight. Sometimes, the danger is obvious, and that gives you a chance to call out a tree service company to deal with the tree before it falls on anything. We’re not always so lucky, and a problem with tree isn’t always obvious to a property owner until after it falls.

Tree failure isn’t always a thing you can plan or prepare for. That is why we provide fast and efficient Granite Bay emergency tree service. The sooner a failed tree is off your property, the sooner you can plan to recover your landscape, or home.

If you need Granite Bay emergency tree service, call Fallen Leaf Tree Management!

Trees are the centerpiece of a landscape. They can represent years of hard work that you or your family have put into it’s care. Ultimately a tree is an investment of time and money. If they fall, that’s a significant loss on its own. If they fall on something, it can cost you a home, it can cost you the transportation you need to go to work. It’s quite the excuse one can use to call out of a day or two from work, but you need to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management can provide expert Granite Bay emergency tree service. For decades, our team has provided tree care and tree service for all types of reasons. Whether it is a fallen tree, or even a partial failure, we have the tools and experience to get the job done.

If you’re in need of tree service in a hurry, you can contact us at (916) 226-3712, or you can contact us with our website form. We’ll schedule around your convenience, get a team out to your Granite Bay property as soon as possible. We can get your landscape back in order, and even help with planting a new tree in place of the old one. We are ready to help!

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