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Your landscape could be as simple as a single tree on your front lawn, or a complex display of plants chosen for their appearance at bloom. Both require proper care if they are to thrive, and in many ways it is important that they do thrive. Property values are enhanced by a well-maintained landscape. Trees can lower energy costs, and keep a house or business cooler during the summer. People feel safer in a neighborhood with cared for trees and plants. However, it can be difficult to handle every aspect of your landscape without professional help. That’s what Fallen Leaf Tree Management is here for. We’re able to take on every aspect of Granite Bay plant health care service.

Granite Bay plant health care protects more than your trees

Granite Bay plant health careIt’s important to care for the entirety of a landscape, particularly when multiple types of plants and trees are a part of it. Every component of a landscape affects the other in many ways. Some are obvious, others less so, and failing to address issues can have serious consequences. For example, a tree may be too competitive for soil nutrients or sunlight. As a result, any plants near the tree or under the crown may fail to thrive. Conversely, some shrubs may attract pests that are seriously harmful to trees.

A proper Granite Bay plant health care plan can head-off a number of issues before they become costly; the work starts before you plant a single shrub or sapling. Proper research allows you to select plants and trees that complement each other, which can prevent many problems. And of course, plant and tree care is as much about reaction as it is prevention. You have to react to signs of disease, pests, or drought stress. However, you also have to be careful with how you do it. A pesticide that saves a tree could cause considerable harm to other parts of your property.

Contact Fallen Leaf today, and set up a Granite Bay plant health care plan!

Some issues with our plants and trees can be managed with a little bit of research and effort. Watering, light pruning, even soil fertilization is something the average homeowner can do. However, not every problem is easy to identify, much less resolve. Some trees are too tall to safely climb and prune without special equipment. A disease or fungal infestation may be impossible to identify without extensive knowledge and training. Failing to properly address issues with our trees and plants can be a very expensive mistake!

Here at Fallen Leaf Tree Management, we know just how much of an investment a landscape can be. With the help of our ISA-certified arborists, and decades of experience in tree and plant care, we’re able to help you protect that investment. We’re fully capable to helping out with your front lawn or backyard. We also service large business parks and commercial properties. Don’t settle for anything less than the best, contact Fallen Leaf today. Our team can schedule an assessment of your property at your convenience!

Granite Bay plant health care involves the following services:

  • Tree planting and establishment
  • Plant and tree disease diagnosis and response
  • Tree pruning
  • Soil fertilization, analysis, and amendment
  • Tree movement and replanting
  • Pest control
  • Nuisance fruit abatement
  • Drought planning
  • Water management
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