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Sometimes, a tree needs to go. Even after years of preservation effort, after decades of a tree being part of a landscape. Perhaps it’s because of disease that has taken hold of your tree, a disease that threatens other trees on your property. A tree that is weak structurally could be a serious problem down the line, for example when the weather gets a little rough. And sometimes, the reason to remove a tree is because it has become a nuisance, too large for its own good, too large that pruning alone isn’t enough. If you’re in the market for Granite Bay tree removal, you can rely on Fallen Leaf Tree Management to make the decision much easier. We can make this job a quick and safe process in the hands of our experienced professionals.

Why is Granite Bay tree removal an option to consider?

Trees provide major benefits to a property, and that can’t be forgotten. The shade a tree offers to a home can be enough to lower energy bills during hot summers. Air quality in a region is improved, especially with urban forests of significant size. And as part of a landscape, they enhance the appearance of your property, whether it’s for your home or business.

Yet sometimes, the best option is to hire a Granite Bay tree removal company. February 2017 proved how excess amounts of rain can make even seemingly immovable trees fall over, something that was seen all over the state. Also of great concern is citrus greening disease for any Granite Bay residents with orange trees on their property. The Asian citrus psyllid was discovered in neighboring Roseville in June 2017. This pest carries the bacteria responsible for citrus greening disease, an incurable death sentence for any affected citrus tree. While there are quarantines in place, there is no guarantee the disease will not spread further.

Of course, safety is always a major concern for anyone living or working near large trees. Massive trees threaten power lines, and sometimes pruning isn’t enough. Large trees can grow branches low enough to the ground that they impede foot or vehicle traffic. In some cases, a tree planted too close to a home may cause damage with it’s root system to the foundation.

Whatever the reason you need Granite Bay tree removal service, you want to hire a team that will do the job right, without threatening the rest of your property.

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You can rely on Fallen Leaf for Granite Bay tree removal!

Granite Bay tree removalThe urban forest is an important part to Granite Bay’s visual appearance. And of course, the benefits of trees make it worth the effort needed to preserve their health, particularly in times of drought. In many cases, reducing the size of a tree with proper pruning may be the best solution for blocked vistas, or threatened power lines.

Unfortunately, removal is sometimes absolutely a necessity. This is especially if drought or disease have turned a tree into a serious hazard.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management is your best bet for Granite Bay tree removal. We can provide a full assessment of your trees so that we can make the best decisions for your landscape. If removal is what your trees need, or it’s what you want for your landscape, we can handle it. Fallen Leaf works fast, and works safe. Our team brings decades of experience with tree maintenance and removal, employs ISA-qualified arborists, and is fully-equipped to get trees off your property. Contact us today if you want to schedule a Granite Bay tree removal!

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