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Taking care of trees is something that the average homeowner can be a part of. There are tons of resources available on the internet that allows anyone to perform basic tree care. Preservation of trees involves pruning, fertilization, watering, and many of these tasks can be easily done on the regular. Local volunteers can help preserve trees throughout Granite Bay, but they can’t do it alone. Nor are they always equipped or experienced enough to determine everything a tree needs. Fallen Leaf Tree Management can provide comprehensive Granite Bay tree service, whether that’s pruning, planting, and everything else in between.

Granite Bay tree service covers the full spectrum!

Granite Bay tree serviceProtecting the trees in our own property is a worthwhile investment; trees allow us to cut energy costs, enhance the value of our homes to buyers, and can look gorgeous with the right care. However, some trees may be too much for the average homeowner to properly maintain. They’re too tall, or perhaps there’s a problem that they may not be able to identify until it’s too late.

For example, we may see dead tree branches, and believe the issue is a lack of water or fertilization. In reality, it could be a symptom of disease, or a pest infestation that cannot be turned back. Or the problem could be beneath the surface of the soil: tangled root systems, fungal infections, or harmful soil additives. The untrained eye may miss symptoms until it’s far too late.

Some people believe that tree service is about prevention, or reaction to a problem, either or. In reality, professional Granite Bay tree service has to be capable of dealing with every aspect of tree care. It starts with planting, and can even include the removal of trees as necessary.

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California’s most recent drought came to an end early in 2017. However, the effects continue to be felt, and the news isn’t good. Millions of trees statewide have died. Countless others are under extreme stress. The problem is widespread, affecting our forests and urban centers equally. Sadly, without care many stressed trees in growing communities, such as Granite Bay, will likely die. Dead and stressed trees present a very serious danger, especially those near homes or businesses. In the right conditions, these trees can fall onto property, as the February storms proved statewide.

Volunteers in Granite Bay, and all over the state, have invested much effort in protecting their urban forests. However, there are some aspects of tree service that require a professional touch. An ISA-qualified arborists can see things that an untrained volunteer may miss. For example, the deadly citrus greening disease that threatens all citrus trees in Florida. It’s a disease caused by an insect, one of which was located in neighboring Roseville. If these insects are carrying the disease, and spreading it, early detection is key.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management is able to provide the total Granite Bay tree service. Our team brings decades of experience in all aspects of tree care, from planting, pruning, to watering and fertilization. Our ISA-certified arborists can bring a trained eye to your property, and help identify problems before they threaten your whole property! Contact Fallen Leaf today, and let us help preserve your trees.

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