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Rocklin Emergency Tree ServiceOver 100 million trees across the state of California have died due to an unprecedented drought. When the rains of 2017 hit the state hard, it became a reminder that the state is filled with trees that could fall in the right conditions. Here at Fallen Leaf Tree Management, we’re ready to handle your Rocklin emergency tree service needs, because the unexpected can happen at any time.

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A tree can fail without warning, and you will want fast Rocklin emergency tree service to handle it!

As California’s historic, drought-ending storms of 2017 proved, no trees are completely safe during extreme weather. The news around the state was filled with stories about trees and power lines blown over by high winds. Some trees fell silently over night, the rain saturating the ground so much that they collapsed.

Extreme weather is an obvious cause for a sudden tree-related emergency, but it is hardly the only possible cause! Disease can weaken and kill a tree over time, and many homeowners do not recognize the signs of this until it is too late. With Rocklin’s citrus trees threatened by citrus greening disease, delivered by the invasive Asian citrus psyllid, new hazards could be forming in residential neighborhoods. Trees affected by this disease will eventually die, and dead trees are very vulnerable to collapsing.

Worse still, after years of drought, countless numbers of trees all over the Sacramento valley are still under heavy stress. With weakened root systems, or dying branches, trees in Rocklin could be a danger to homes and businesses. If the winds are just high enough, or if the rain is heavy enough, you may suddenly need Rocklin emergency tree service.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management is ready to handle Rocklin emergency tree service at any time!

It is quite the surprise to wake up one morning to discover a tree has fallen on your car, or your home. The last thing you want to worry about is a long wait for the tree to be removed! Fallen Leaf has the equipment needed to remove a tree off your property in a hurry, so you can get on with the recovery. We also provide more than just emergency service. Our team of ISA-qualified arborists and technicians can work with you to ensure your trees are healthy.

Our arborists can inspect your trees thoroughly, catching symptoms of potential issues before they lead to disaster. Whether that means a round of pruning, or cables and braces for weakened trees, Fallen Leaf is ready to help. If the worse does happen, you can count on us for Rocklin emergency tree service when you need it!

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