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A successful landscape enhances a property. For homeowners, this could mean increasing the value of their home, or cutting down on energy costs. For a business, a great landscape drives business into a store. It can also mean a healthier, more comfortable environment for office workers. A proper landscape is an investment into the future, but it takes time and proper maintenance to get the most out of it. Fallen Leaf Tree Management offers comprehensive Rocklin plant health care services, to ensure the trees and plants on your landscape grow healthy and strong.

Rocklin plant health care protects more than trees!

Rocklin plant health careTrees are the centerpiece of any landscape. However, they affect other plants and trees sharing the soil, and the opposite is also true. Many property developers choose trees and shrubs for the looks, but don’t always understand how these things interact. It can lead to costly expenses later down the line. For example, nearby shrubs may be attracting a pest bearing a disease that can badly damage trees. The shrubs themselves aren’t affected by this disease! In another example, a tree species could be highly competitive for soil nutrients and sunlight. In turn, other plants too close to the tree could fail to thrive.

A proper Rocklin plant health care plan can identify issues before they lead to an expensive problem down the line. This is a process that starts even before you begin planting flowers, shrubs, and trees on your property. For people interested in maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape, it’s an ongoing project of regular care and maintenance.

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Our Rocklin plant health care services include:

  • Drought care
  • Water management planning
  • Removal of nuisance fruit
  • Pest control
  • Disease management
  • Pruning and vista tree pruning
  • Soil Analysis and Amendment (includes fertilization and hydration)
  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Tree removal/replanting

Some landscape issues are easy for a a homeowner or property gardener to handle. However, there are times where the issue isn’t something that will go away with some light pruning. Misreading symptoms of a problem can lead to damaged trees. Other plants on the property are also at risk!

With Fallen Leaf Tree Management, Rocklin plant health care covers the whole spectrum. Our ISA-qualified arborists can prepare soil analysis to discover why your landscape isn’t growing as it should. We also cover things like pruning maintenance, or the creation of management plans, plant and tree inventories for commercial properties. If you need to remove and replant trees, our team can handle it. Whether you’re a residential customer, or a commercial property owner, you can trust Fallen Leaf for plant health care service!

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