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Removing a tree is not an easy decision. It isn’t always cheap. Large trees, in particular, can be dangerous even for experienced crews to work on. Sometimes, a tree needs to be removed because it presents a serious danger to your property, or to nearby power lines. At other times, a tree is removed because it blocks a desired view. And in the worse cases, a tree has fallen onto your home or vehicle, and you need it removed quickly. Fallen Leaf Tree Management provides Rocklin tree removal service that is affordable, fast, and safe!

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Why you may need Rocklin tree removal

Safety is always a primary concern when it comes to how to handle a tree, and safety is often one of the primary reasons why a tree is pruned or removed. California has experienced years of drought that have affected the entire state. Millions of trees in forests and suburbs alike have died due to heat and a lack of water. In a residential area, a dead tree presents obvious hazards to nearby homes.

Another major cause for removal is disease. For example, the Asian citrus psyllid is an invasive insect species that carries a disease called huanglongbing, known also as Citrus greening disease. Once a citrus tree is has this infection, it will inevitably die. The fruit it produces will be bitter to the taste. And worse yet, the psyllids that have made the dying tree their home, and the disease, can easily spread to other plants and citrus trees on a landscape. Large parts of Rocklin have had citrus trees put under quarantine to try and control the disease. Sadly, because the disease remains incurable, the best solution to protect other trees may be to remove it from your property.

Get the best Rocklin tree removal service today!

Rocklin tree removalGetting Rocklin tree removal is not an easy solution, but it may be your best or only choice! The drought has taken a toll on trees across all of California, and your backyard landscape may have trees that require more than just a proper pruning. You may also have a citrus tree that has an infestation of Asian citrus psyllids, putting it and your neighbor’s citrus trees at risk.

At Fallen Leaf Tree Management, we know that this isn’t an easy decision to make. Removing a tree from your yard is removing years, maybe even decades of care and effort from your property. With our ISA-qualified arborists, we provide thorough assessments of your trees to make sure that removal is your best option. If you do go through with removing a tree, we have a team that brings decades of tree service experience to every property we work on. We’ll answer every question you have, and provide the services you and your trees need. If it comes down to removing it, we work fast, efficiently, and safely to ensure your property isn’t harmed in the process.

If you need Rocklin tree removal, or any other tree service, Fallen Leaf has got you covered. Contact us today if you have questions, or would like to set up an appointment with an arborist!

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