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There’s no denying that trees provide benefits to residential and commercial properties. Mayor Brett Storey of Rocklin is a supporter of the Greenprint Initiative. Formed by the Sacramento Tree Foundation, the Greenprint Initiative is an effort to plant and maintain trees in the region. Trees are a serious investment; keeping them growing healthy and strong can change people’s impression of a property, or bring more customers to a business. Fallen Leaf Tree Management can provide Rocklin tree service to ensure you get the most out of your landscape investment.

Professional Rocklin tree service can make a difference!

Rocklin tree serviceSome problems with trees can be handled by a homeowner who’s willing to get their hands a little dirty. Regular pruning can control a tree’s growth, and keep a desired appearance. Watering the soil during dry months can keep the tree out of stress even during the summer. There are problems that go beyond a set of sheers and a watering hose. Problems that may require ISA-qualified arborists and tree surgeons.

An example of this is the recent Citrus tree quarantine. Rocklin is among a number of Californian cities to have its residential citrus trees threatened by the Asian citrus psyllid. This invasive insect carries a bacteria responsible for Citrus greening disease. The average home or business owner with citrus trees on their property may not recognize the symptoms of this disease. They also may not have access to the pesticides used on larger farms to control the psyllid.

The combination of factors could allow the disease to easily spread between citrus trees in a neighborhood. Early identification, and proper pest control are absolutely essential; once a Citrus tree has been infected, it will eventually die. A dead tree can present more problems down the line, particularly if high winds and heavy rains are a factor.

Contact Fallen Leaf for Rocklin tree service you can trust!

The trees on our property provide many benefits that cannot be ignored. However, without proper care they can be disaster waiting to happen. It costs a lot to remove a dead tree from your back yard. It costs even more to remove a tree that’s fallen on your car, or your house!

California’s drought years have weakened or killed countless millions of trees state-wide. This makes for potential hazards around residential and business properties. Diseases, and the pests that spread them, are difficult for weakened trees to resist. As the powerful storms of early 2017 showed, harsh weather is especially dangerous for old and weakened trees.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management’s experienced arborists and tree technicians provide full-spectrum Rocklin tree service.Whether you need to maintain a regular pruning or watering schedule, or you are dealing with a potentially serious pest infestation, we can help. Prevention is the solution to many problems a tree can face, and it can make the difference for your landscape. Contact us today if you need the best tree service in Rocklin!

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