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Rocklin residents and business owners alike see the benefits of trees on a daily basis. We know that homes shaded by trees enjoy reduced energy bills. Air quality is improved by trees, and businesses can also appear more inviting with a properly maintained landscape. Pruning can make trees look the way we want, but that’s not the only reason to get it done! Fallen Leaf Tree Management offers Rocklin tree trimming services, to make sure your trees look great, and stay growing healthy and strong.

Rocklin tree trimming serviceThe right Rocklin tree trimming service can keep your trees healthy!

It’s easy to think that trimming trees is as simple as grabbing a set of pruning sheers and doing it yourself. Many property owners do handle trimming their own trees. While it sounds easy to handle a small tree on your own, it’s just as easy to make a costly mistake. If you prune excessively, or prune the wrong branches, you can cause serious, even permanent harm to a tree. Worse yet, larger trees can be dangerous to prune without the right equipment.

Large trees can be difficult to handle for the majority of people, so they often turn to experts. Unfortunately, some landscapers provide services such as “tree topping” or “lion’s tailing”. These practices are often extremely harmful to trees, and many species cannot recover from this type of excessive pruning. Proper tree service companies will ensure their pruning cuts are done within ISA guidelines, to encourage strong growth and maintaining a pleasing appearance.

Count on Fallen Leaf Tree Management for your Rocklin tree trimming needs!

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Tree pruning can be done for many reasons. Some property owners want trees to look a certain way. A home owner may be concerned about branches that are growing too low to the ground. Fallen Leaf Tree Management can tailor Rocklin tree trimming services to the needs of our clients. Residential and commercial clients can have different needs, and different problems with their trees. To make sure we do the best job possible, we can send an ISA-qualified arborist to your property for a complete assessment of the trees in question. This ensure that before we start to prune, we will have identified any major issues of concern.

The arborist assessment not only ensure we know how to properly prune your tree. We can identify branches affected by pests and disease, and branches that may present a safety hazard if they should fail. If your tree is blocking a scenic vista, we offer vista tree pruning to reduce  the overall size of the tree. We can even work with business owners to ensure that trees on their property maintain a desired appearance, while keep outdoor spaces shaded and safe.

Tree trimming is only part of how we maintain trees. However, if neglected or done incorrectly you can have serious problems! If you need Rocklin tree trimming service, call Fallen Leaf Tree Management at (916) 226-3712, or send an email on our contact page. We’re ready to help keep the trees on your property looking great and growing strong!

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