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Trees benefit landscapes all throughout the city of Roseville. However, sometimes a tree must be removed from a property. This can either be due to disease, or the tree could have succumbed to the drought conditions from prior years. If you need Roseville tree removal service, you can trust Fallen Leaf to get the job done quickly and safely!

Why would you need Roseville tree removal service?

Even after 2017’s powerful rain storms staved off another year of Californian drought, the damage to many trees has been done. Millions of trees statewide are dead, and while they still remain standing, it is still worth concern. Some of these trees are near homes and businesses. A dead or weakened tree is more likely to suffer a serious failure in the right conditions. High winds can snap branches, or push a tree into power lines. Taller trees may fall directly onto a home or vehicles.

While the weather is a serious concern for trees, it’s far from the only one. Disease is another major threat that could prompt Roseville tree removal.

The ravages of pests and pestilence

In July 2017, a citrus quarantine was put in place for Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, and Lincoln. The cause? The Asian citrus psyllid, an invasive insect species that potentially carries a major threat: citrus greening disease. The citrus industry across the entire US is threatened by this deadly disease, and there is sadly no cure for infected trees. The threat is so great that it only took detecting the insects, and not disease they may carry, to have a quarantine issued.

Get the best Roseville tree removal service around!

Fallen Leaf’s arborists can identify dead or weakened trees that may pose a threat to your property. Whether the cause is disease or harsh weather, the best solution for a dead or dying tree may be to remove it entirely. If it comes to this, you want a company that can safely and quickly get the tree off your property.

The arborists and tree technicians at Fallen Leaf are fully qualified and trained to handle any tree removal. Whether it’s a sixty foot oak growing too close to a house, to a smaller apple tree growing in your back yard, we have the experience and the tools to get the job done. Contact us today if you are in need of Roseville tree removal, or any other tree service!

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