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The Roseville Urban Forest Foundation was formed in 1995 with the intend of improving the city’s tree canopy. It is proof that the city and its citizens recognize the value trees bring to urban and commercial landscapes. While the volunteers for RUFF commit time and effort into maintaining the trees in Roseville, it can’t do it all. Fallen Leaf Tree Management is happy to provide Roseville tree service, and any other assistance the citizens and trees of the city may need!

What we mean by Roseville tree service

Fallen Leaf works on trees that have stood in neighborhoods for decades, and we also help plant saplings for new commercial landscapes. For us, tree service encompasses trees of all sizes and ages. When we plant, we ensure that the trees we select are in good condition, and we prepare their new homes in accordance to the ANSI. For commercial or residential landscapes, we ensure that we select trees best suited for the regional conditions.

Full spectrum Roseville tree service also includes regular and proper maintenance. When it comes to pruning trees for appearance, our arborists also ensure the tree’s health is never at risk. We strongly discourage excessive pruning and “tree topping”, and all other practices that could put trees, people, and property in danger.

Roseville tree serviceRegular arborist inspections can save trees and people!

Our team of ISA-qualified arborists can perform regular inspections of all trees on your property. Not only does this help us maintain your trees, we can also identify serious problems early on. If we detect pests, such as the Asian citrus psyllid, we’re ready to take appropriate action.

Additionally, inspections can reveal structural problems with your tree. If limbs look ready to fail, an arborist ensure that it is properly dealt with. We can also identify if the structural problem with your tree is an isolated problem, or the result of disease or pests.

Tree service also means tree removal!

Sometimes, a tree just has to go. It may be blocking a particular view, in poor health from disease or drought, or it could be threatening property. Fallen Leaf can send a team to your property to move or remove problematic trees. We work safe, we work fast, and we’ll clean up our mess before we leave!

Contact Fallen Leaf Tree Management today for Roseville Tree Service

If your trees need trimming, if your landscape needs replacement saplings, or if you need routine maintenance, Fallen Leaf can handle it! Let us know how we can keep your trees growing strong, no matter what the time of year is.

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