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One of the most common forms of maintenance for trees is pruning. This can be done for trees young and old, strong or weak. A homeowner does not need to be an ISA-qualified arborist to get a pair of shears and do some minor work. However, there are good reasons why many homeowners hire Sacramento tree trimming services for their pruning needs.

There are times where it is best and safest to prune. There’s also such thing as pruning too much, and an untrained person could easily harm a tree by going overboard. There are best practices to follow; incorrect pruning harms trees. Some trees are also too much for one person to trim alone. For those trees, you want to hire professionals. Fallen Leaf Tree Management provides Sacramento tree trimming service to keep your trees looking great and growing strong.

Why hire pros for tree trimming?

Sacramento tree trimming

It is absolutely true that some trees can be easily maintained by anyone. Smaller fruit trees are easy to prune if you’re willing to spend a little money on the right tools. The Internet gives people plenty of references to use for trimming a small, lone fruit tree. That’s all fine for small trees, but the average person is not able to handle large trees alone. Not everyone owns the equipment needed to safely reach the heights of taller trees, much less prune them.

However, they might have heard a sales pitch from a landscaper who says they offer a cheap Sacramento tree trimming service. They might even say they’ll “top” that oversized tree in the front yard this Spring, and let the sun shine on the rest of the house later in the year. You may not know it without research first, but what that landscaper above suggested may cause far more problems for your property in the future.

This is one reason why you absolutely should consider hiring a qualified arborist for your trees. Topping a tree should be an immediate red flag when hiring a landscaper. Unfortunately it is a practice that persists, killing countless numbers of trees every year.

A landscaper suggesting tree topping may not know how harmful the practice is. They may not know if the tree they top is capable of recovering from it. They might not tell you how much weaker the new branches from the topped tree will be. Most importantly, they may not explain that a topped tree needs regular maintenance. There are many issues with tree topping that you could be left in the dark about. Later on, you’ll be left holding the bills.

Fallen Leaf does Sacramento tree trimming right!

A fully ISA-qualified arborist can’t be beat if you want get the best tree trimming and regular maintenance. They’ll make an accurate assessment about what should be done about your tree. Whatever it is that needs to be done, will be done safely and correctly. Your property’s safety will not be compromised. Your tree’s health will not be compromised.

More importantly, Fallen Leaf’s arborists can help you set up a regular trimming schedule. This will ensure that your trees stay looking the way you want them to. More importantly, if your trees suddenly contract a disease or pest infestation, they can identify it early. Call us at (916) 226-3712 or send us an email on our contact page.

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